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Mick's career has been built on growing his business and client base through a strong network of professionals and satisfied customers. His company has been trusted to work with exclusive clientele to deliver quality services that require the most attention to every detail.


Mick has over 18 years' experience in providing Merchant Processing Solutions for companies of all sizes. He specializes in not only providing unique processing solutions but strives to educate his clients to help them better their internal processes to create a more cohesive business relationship experience for all.


APG works with some of the largest telemarketing companies, fulfillment houses, media buyers and credit card merchant account providers in the nation to offer specialized solutions for its clients. Over time, our management team has nurtured exclusive endorsements and trusted partnerships from some of the most respected organizations in the industry. We achieved this by aligning our clients with quality products and exceptional customer service. We are able to meet the specific needs of our customers by providing a suite of products that quickly and efficiently coordinate all aspects of card-not-present transactions. We work with vendors and processors that are at the forefront of current advancements in ePayment technology, and we have access to the latest functionalities in the industry.


We specialize in serving DRTV merchants, catalogers, government agencies, utility companies, non-profits, daycare facilities and insurance companies. In addition, our distinct focus on client results creates solutions that fit specific needs and ensures that we are always working on the client’s behalf. Each company has a different way of doing business, as well as a unique customer base — and that

calls for a customized electronic payment solution. APG strategically leads its customers through the many ePayment options available and tailors a system that is perfectly aligned with their business goals. The products offered meet the reliability, security and protection standards the industry demands, while making campaign success easier for our customers.


The APG management team’s goal is to provide a customized solution that results in your business success. We pledge to create a process that allows your customers to order and pay with ease and also offers them all of the different options that are available in the industry today. We strive to create a pleasant experience for your customers and reduce your costs. Throughout the process, we will give

you personalized attention, and a commitment to deliver a superior level of customer service, that you won’t find anywhere else.

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